Monday, 28 October 2013

Thursday, 10 October 2013

After The Show #1

This is a work of fiction and any similarity to real life is coincidence.

"You make a beautiful Christmas fairy Nick; or is it Nikki?"

Those were the first words Tim ever said to me. Of course then I only knew him as Mr Green, a history teacher at the boy's school I attended. It was just after the annual pantomime in which, as there were no girls, I had been cast as the Christmas fairy. In the panto there were other roles in drag, but they were more comedic and the strapping rugby playing lads who played them went for an over the top parody of womanhood, using balloons for boobs and clown like makeup.
I had decided to aim for more realism.  My short, slim figure and long hair, which during the rest of the year had seen me teased and bullied, mostly by the PE teachers, were now an asset. Determined to be convincing I had bought my own bra and panties, plain white cotton ones, from a large chain store and a dress and a pair of heels from a charity shop. Since my parents had been leaving me to fend for myself since I was 13, by now, just turned 18 I had a lot of time alone to practise. It had paid off. Several people complimented me on my appearance.
I was still in costume as I talked to Mr Green.
"Actually, Mr Green, I go by Nicole." I replied.
He smiled. "A pretty name; it suits you."
We carried on talking, first about the play and school but then we moved on to music, films and books; time just flew by. I felt very comfortable in my 'Nicole' persona and flattered by the attention.
A cough behind us broke the spell. It was the caretaker. We were the last people left and he wanted to lock up!  Apologising to him Mr Green and I hurried out. He insisted on driving me home, where he watched until I was indoors.  I was confused by my feelings. I had adored being treated by him as a girl and I loved the feeling of wearing the feminine clothes, yet I didn't feel anything special for him back in my male role. Or so I thought.
The next day at school we passed in the corridor. I smiled at my new friend. He totally ignored me. I was crushed, more upset than i had expected. I went to his classroom at lunch; he was marking a set of books.
"Excuse me Mr Green can I have a word?"
"What about?"
"Um, I wondered what I'd done to upset you and why you ignored me in the corridor?"
"Ignored you? I have no idea who you ... " he paused and peered at me. "Oh shit! You're Nicole I mean Nick, I didn't realise, I'm so sorry!  Look it's the wrong time and place for this. Can I meet you, that is Nicole, tonight?"
Slightly stunned I agreed.